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Work with Punch

We offer a variety of services, depending on your needs and budget.  I’ll help you determine where you could use a little more PUNCH.

Social Media Audit

We will take an honest look at your current brand and web presence and determine where to make improvements.

Social Media Strategy

Not every company needs a Twitter account or Pinterest profile. We’ll craft a plan for you to punch up your existing web presence. 

Community Management

A loyal online community means an engaged audience who will support your brand, resulting in greater visibility and more business.

Live Event Coverage

Punch will plan and develop an online campaign around your big event, and ensure that your web presence reflects the success of your concert, reunion, anniversary, hackathon, etc.

Social Media Training

Let’s get your team up-to-par with some hands-on training — workshops and training customized to meet your company’s needs.

About Punch

Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m an army brat, a wife, a dog owner, Facebook addict, coworking zealot, and lover of Nutella.

I also own Punch Presence. I started Punch because I knew my love of people, words, social media, and quirkiness had to amount to something. I started Punch because I find meaning in developing and nurturing online relationships. And because I’m damn good at it.

Relationships are hard, right? People spend lots of money and even more time trying to improve them.

And when it comes to your audience – whether you’re a crazy big corporation or a small non-profit – figuring out the relationship that you have with your clients can be tough to navigate.

That’s what we want to help you with.


Why “Punch?”


  1. Bubbly beverage enjoyed at parties and other social scenes,
  2. To hit or strike something or someone with force.

Using a one syllable, onomatopoetic word like “punch” means we’re serious. We don’t cut corners, we’ll give it to you straight, but (like the bubbly beverage) you’ll enjoy the hell out of us while we’re doing it.


Contact Punch


Want to know more about creating a real presence and maintaining online relationships? Submit the contact form below!

You can also email Rachel directly at rachel [at] punchpresence.com or find her on social media. We would love to hear from you!

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